01 Bury Me Alive
02 Burn
03 Paradigm
04 Don't Leave Me Behind
05 Sleep Well, My Angel
06 Through Hell
07 I Will Stay
08 Without You
09 St. John
10 I Am Only One
11 Tear The World Down

Verdict: 9

WE ARE THE FALLEN Tear The World Down CD Review

We Are The Fallen, an old group in a new wrapping. This is the new band by the fantastic composer Ben Moody.

Ben who? you might say.

Ben founded the band EVANESCENCE together with singer Amy Lee. EVANESCENCE really took the world by storm, their debut album "Fallen" spent 43 weeks in the Billboard top 10. "Fallen" has sold a staggering 15 million copies alone. The old "Beauty and The Beast" story evolved like so many times. Amy Lee and Ben Moody, once the best friends and brothers in arms, just couldn't stand each other. Ben Moody simply left the band from one night to the other right smack in the middle of the tour much to our surprise.

Ben surely appear to have put some self-experienced lyrics in there:

There's no use in crying,
All my tears won't drown my pain,
Free me from your sorrow,
I can't grieve you again.

I watched you let yourself die,

Now it's too late to save you this time.

You bury me alive,

And everybody's gotta breathe somehow,
Don't leave me to die,
Too consumed by your own emptiness and lies.

It has been rather silent from the Ben Moody camp since he left Evanescence but for the fantastic duet, "Everything Burns" with Anastacia a few years back for the Fantastic Four movie soundtrack. That song coupled with the fact that Evanescence has turned into a mediocre copy of its' old self left little to ask regarding the true creative mastermind behind Evanescence.

We Are The Fallen also features John LeCompt on guitar and Rocky Gray on drums, both of them are old Evanescence members. In reality We Are The Fallen is Evanescence minus Amy Lee and surely increases our expectations.

We haven't followed the American Idol circus and aren't colored regarding Carly Smithson the female singer. But it surely doesn't hurt to rest the eyes on the front figure of We Are The Fallen.

There really isn't any middle ground here, the We are the Fallen audience all expect "Tear The World Down" to surpass Evanescence in ever sense or this album will be deemed a failure.

Don't worry!
This is the shit!

"Tear The World Down" by We Are The Fallen sound just like a follow up album to Fallen should sound. A few years to late but none the less. The song writing on the album is no less than classic, every track is standing up for itself. We suspect that quite a bit of this material has been waiting for the time when the world was ready for it to surface.

The music style is easy accessible Modern Metal generously draped in sequenced backgrounds and string arrangements. Carly Smithson vocal performance is really strong and she do the softer as well as the harder material justice. The singing style of Carly Smithson is close to Amy Lee, but what the hell that goes for Sharon del Adel, Liv Kristine or Charlotte Wessels just as well. It goes with the style that Evanescence pretty much created together with Nightwish. It is no secret that Amy Lee has quite a few nights when her singing performance is sub par so if the YouTube clips that has surfaced with Carly Smithson and We Are The Fallen gives a true picture Carly Smithson will floors Amy Lee any day of the week.

We Are the Fallen win every single round against the current Evanescence line up.

We have Better songs, check
Better sound, check
Better performance, check
Better vocal performance, check

It's easy piecy, Go and pick up "Tear The World Down", it will be remembered as the album that assassinated Evanescence

And by the way that Madonna cover is really wicked. We never thought that we actually would rock out to a Madonna track but the days of wonders are indeed back!