01. Shadow
02. Miracle
03. Crazy
04. Frontlines
05. Looking Away
06. Electricity
07. What You've Got For Me
08. Throwing Stones
09. 5 Minutes Alone
10. What I've Become
11. Dangerous  Waters
12. Lucky #13

Verdict: 5

NONPOINT Miracle Review

NONPOPOINT is a seasoned band that mainly have produced completely uninteresting middle of the road material over the years. They had a huge hit with the cover of the Phil Colins song, "In The Air Tonight". The fact that the song was featured on the Miami Vice feature film didn't make things worse. It really is strange that Nonpoint haven't changed more since the "Recoil" release back in 2004.

For the first minute of "Shadow" they actually have our attention. Nonpoint has got stuck in a very limited sound that they recycle back to back and it simply wears the listener down. The dubbed and over compressed guitars are always present. In the
end the music loose dynamics and power which probably is the opposite of what Nonpoint aim for.

Nonpoints style clock in somewhere between POD, Disturbed and El Nino. It is Modern Metal with some Rap and Latino cross over elements. The overall sound is thicker now and the singing performance is better. The album feel is slick and the production aim to make the album accessible for the mainstream audience. The overall sound is more Nickelback than Slipknot which in itself isn't a bad thing.

Nonpoint is a descent band that simply suffer from poor song writing . The first track that really jumps at you is the ballad "Frontlines" that fell genuine. The emotions just seep of this track, the melody is haunting and this could be a massive radio hit. The rest of the album is actually a rather uninteresting experience. The track "Dangerous Waters" stick out as slightly stronger than the rest.

The overall feel is that Magic is an average album by an average band. Nonpoint surely have the potential deliver the shit and become really big but it didn't happen this time around.