01. Let It Die
02. Let Me Hear You Scream
03. Soul Sucker
04. Life Won't Wait
05. Diggin' Me Down
06. Crucify
07. Fearless
08. Time
09. I Want It More
10. Latimer's Mercy
11. I Love You All

Verdict: 6


The new OZZY OSBOURNE album "Scream" is produced by Kevin Churko that also worked together with the Ozzman on the last album. "Black Rain" was really overproduced, and the super compressed NICKELBACK radio metal sound really sucked the last bit of dynamic life out of the Ozzman. Ozzy is after all an artist of the last millennium rather than 2010. "Black Rain" also spun the softer side of Ozzy and sure enough, the man has made a few good sounding ballads over the years all of them sounding a lot more like THE BEATLES than Ozzy. "Black Rain" however overdosed on soft material.

This time around there is a new guitarist on board just waiting to prove what he can fill the boots of his predecessors. And Gus G surely can play! There is this story that Gus G was locked out of the studio when he was recording "The Book Of Heavy Metal" with his old band DREAM EVIL. Gus G became agitated since the rest of the band didn't take things serious enough, they just fooled around. So now the perfectionist has found an employer of the right greatness, not satan himself but close enough.

The album open up with a 70:s grove to land in a led heavy beat that Ozzy sing (preach) the vocal parts. This is incredibly efficient and when it's time for the chorus we area sold. "Let It Die" is an instant classic. The second track is the first single of the "Scream" that was premièred on the TV show CSI: NY, "Let me hear You Scream". This track is sounding like "I Dont Wanna Stop" part ii, and the energy is sky high. "Soul Sucker" introduces a talk box on the killer guitar riff. It is a slow heavy tune, the chorus is slightly anonymous and doesn't stick right away. Half way through the tune Geezer start banging away on the Bass and the tempo goes through the roof. If this set the bar for "Scream" this surely is one fantastic album that is revealing itself for us.

The material could just as well come of the "No more Tears " album. No warped shit around here, this is straight forward Hard Rock.

Burt right about here the Ozzy F1 car start running on a flat tire. The track "Life Won't Wait For You" start out like "Mama I'm Coming Home" to warp into something of a guitar orgy for Gus G and then back into this semi acoustic mess. We don't get it, this is rubbish, not the parts but the product stink.

"Diggin' Me Down" has this beautiful "Killer Of Giants Opening", and the anticipation is built with a long ambient part. Gus G guitar work sound like a mix between machine gun and Zack on this one. This really is the first track where Gus is allowed to show his versatility. Is this a roller coaster ride?

"Crucify" is a fairly neutral track. "Fearless" is a track where the new guitar playing style of Gus G set flavour to the result. Gus G actually sound more like Jake and Randy than Zack.

"Time" is a shitty track that we could have enjoyed. If it appeared on a E.L.O. record and not a OZZY, the F**king Prince Of Darkness album.

"I Want It More" rocks, with a lot of flashy guitar parts as well as a nice mellow orchestral part in the middle of the track. We want It More! "Scream" is a slow heavy Ozzy album and if it weren't for the slight over representation of Ballads we really would dig this album. Now it is a solid album that we surely will listen quite a bit to.

Ozzy is a fantastic artist and no matter how much you hate the soup operas and Sharon, that bloody wife of his, Ozzy still has a fantastic ability to attract and surround himself with world class geniuses. That goes for producers, composers, studio engineers as well as musicians. The problem is that the highs sure are high enough, but the low... Man, dig that shit down.