01. Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter
02. Two Lives Worth of Reckoning
03. The Thrill
04. Deliverance Is Mine
05. Night Comes Clean
06. King of the Threshold
07. Let This River Flow
08. Epitome
09. The Akuma Afterglow
10. Enter Dog of Pavlov

Verdict: 9

SOILWORK The Panic Broadcast Review

Soilwork have evolved side by side with In Flames, being responsible of forging the Gothenburg sound. Both these bands sounded almost the same back in the day and they were even hard to tell apart at times. Soilwork and In Flames shared a good chunk of the fan base and were a firm part of the Swedish underground scene. Now some fifteen years later Soilwork have released The Panic Broadcast, the eighth studio album, and while In Flames are in the public spotlight getting all sorts of recognition for their work Soilwork still remain a diamond in the rough.

It is strange that Soilwork, a band that tour the USA coast to coast still is almost unknown for the mainstream audience in Scandinavia?

Stabbing The Drama had some monster tracks on it like the title track and Nerve, songs that almost made them available for mainstream radio and the bigger audience, still the the overall mood of Stabbing The Drama was evil enough to appeal to the metal audience. The latest album Sworn To A Great Divide continued to drive towards a more melodic sound that we felt was slightly lame. Soilwork always have allowed some progressive elements into their music. Sharp musical turns between musical styles is somewhat a trademark for Soilwork together with the alternating singing styles growl/clean that Björn truly is a master of. The brand new album The Panic Broadcast steer clear of the cheesiest moments from Sworn To A Great Divide and the album has a shitload of cool guitars on it. With the guitarist Peter Wichers back in the band it seems that the performance is the focal point. A lot of the material on the album is really advanced and it surely will be a challenge to perform live. The guitar parts are extremely well composed and it is striking what an important part of Soilwork that Peter actually is.

The material on The Panic Broadcast will grow on you. Two Lives Worth of Reckoning that will keep you helplessly humming that damn track for the first couple of weeks. That in itself really should be criminal! Songs like The Thrill, Night Comes Clean and Let This River Flow all are equally catchy but it takes longer time to settle their claws in your flesh. What really strikes us is that the melodic content on this album is absolutely stellar. It really doesn't matter if it is a smooth chorus or if it is the fastest shit you can imagine the guitars flow like never before and we suspect that a huge effort ahs been put into making guitar parts what they are.

A long time has passed since it was OK to do cameos in each others videos. Throwing snowballs at your friends in the suburbs seemed innocent enough but the time has come when Soilwork ought to be included in the playlist of the mainstream audience since they are as good or even supersede In Flames in every way.