01. Threnody
02. Sense The Fire
03. Until Eternity Ends
04. To The End
05. Down
06. Heartsick
07. Feed The Weak
08. For Those Who Will Resist
09. Every Sin(Leaves A Mark)
10. Roll The Dice
11. Elbow And Knives
12. Perfect Isis
13. Fearless (Bonus)

Verdict: 10

ENGEL Threnody Review

We don't know quite what's going on but ENGEL seem to be stuck in a rut.

They were signed onto the SPV label that filed for bankruptcy and the follow up to the 2007 release Absolute Design disappeared completely from the map.

The founding member and guitarist (who also has lent his name to the band) Niclas Engelin is a long time stand in for Jesper Strömblad in In Flames. All this doesn't help the band to push for stardom. Despite all the problems Engel still is alive and well as a band, they are even out playing gigs from time to time.

Now the sophomore full length album Threnody has been released.

But it isn't a Scandinavian release as one might expect, no the album is released in Japan of all places!

Engel fall in the Nu metal genre with some Clockwork Orange and Industrial flavors to spice things up a bit. Magnus "Mangan" Klavborn has a frail timbre and it isn't the coolest voice around. But his voice blend perfect with the arrangements and he has a very special jittery, nervy feel to his singing that make him unique and easy to distinguish. Engel is what Korn aim to be, hungry, vital, genuine, evil but still so easy accessible. Tracks like To The End, Heartsick, Feed The Weak and the single Feel The Fire all fabulous tracks on an album so damn good that we can't understand that some A&R people picked Engel up earlier. But then the record industry isn't quite what it was...

We strongly urge you to pick up a copy and give it a good listen because ENGEL is one of the most underestimated bands around these days and Threnody is one of the best albums released this summer.