01. Uber-Time
02. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
03. Pop a Pill
04. Fear Is a Place to Live
05. Move On
06. Lead the Parade
07. Let the Guilt Go
08. The Past
09. Never Around
10. Are You Ready to Live?
11. Holding All These Lies

Verdict: 5

KORN III Remember who you are Review

Korn have lost Brian "Head" Welch and it seems like a lot of the drive went out the door with him. Korn III Remember Who You Are is the ninth studio effort by a band that has become legends in their own time. The drop tuned guitars, the ugly slap bass sound and high mid bass drum sound would have made them rich if they had patent protected it. The Korn sound and style has been copied on thousands of albums, but still Korn never quite have been credited for their originality. .

Now Korn is on the rebound, they are well beyond their best before date but seem to refuse that they only have two options; get their shit together or call it quits. The band roll on a constant high achieving one big nothing and no one seem to be able to kick them into gear again.

For Korn III Remember Who You Are the label have dragged in the producer Ross Robinson to jack things up a notch. Ross produced the two first albums and the buzz has been that the band will return to their origin and prove that age do count.

What a huge disappointment.

The sound is there all right but the songs just aren't there. Korn have always had twisted but yet catchy tunes. the material they made for the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack were throw away tracks back then. We bet that they would cut their right arm to write a few more of those right now. Well maybe not, Korn is probably busy patting each others back believing that they've made the best Korn album to date.

It is fun to listen to the weird sounds and noises, for a while but the material on Korn III Remember Who You is sub par for any established act. The truth is that no producer can make sense of a band that lack the spark It surely looks that Korn would need a deep dive into poverty for a few years to regain their spirit. Without money  they just might lack money to get plastered every night and who knows, in the meantime they might write some decent tunes for the next album.

Isn't it quite a joke that Korn who has lost their ability to write songs name the album "Remember Who You Are"?