01. Pride
02. Truth Slips
03. Hold On
04. I'm Alive
05. One Chance
06. Give Me Back My Heart
07. Misery
08. She's A Mystery
09. Now
10. 1000 Songs

Verdict: 6


In the mid eighties a number mainly American bands tapped into the hearts of a hormone bulging teenage generation. Bands like Journey, Styx, Billy Squier, Heart and Survivor catered for the softer side while bands like Axe, Autograph, Dokken, Van Halen served those with a wish for slightly sharper tone. This is music tailor made for your convertible car journey along the west coast shore line, when you are on the way to pick up your lady. The AOR arena rockers all made generic three minute rock music with catchy choruses that easily would be remembered even after a single airplay on the FM radio. The trade mark sound leave the guitars in the shadows with synthesizer sounds driving the melodies, fat sing along choirs and the trademark feminine high pitched singing. This music once had a choke-hold on an entire generation.

Houston has decided to pick up the torch where bands like Asia and Foreigner left off. They are for AOR what the Sleaze bands are for the Glam Rock. And surely enough Houston posses a great feel for melody and navigate the musical environment with a steady hand. Houston succeed in bringing many memories to our mind and without becoming a cheep carbon copy of their predecessors they manage to deliver. It is good all right but not quite convincing. Time will tell if there actually is any market for a band that sound like they would come off the soundtrack to the latest Rocky movie or the theme to Miami Vice.

The tracks we remember from this era are so damn good that its almost impossible to measure up for any band no matter what. Just look at the list below and you'll get the picture:

Autograph- Turn Up the Radio
Asia - Voice of America
Journey - Don't Stop Believing
Styx - Boat On The River
Foreigner - I Wanna Know What Love Is
Def Leppard - Rock of Ages
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

But we wish Houston all the best and recommend a dose of Houston to any AOR fan out there