01 I Hate!
02 Save Your Soul
03 Deaf, Dumb & Blind
04 Wounded Knee
05 Me, Myself & I
06 Welcome (To My Revolution)
07 Yeah Right!!?
08 Set Me Free
09 I Don't Care (Who You Are)
10 Lost

Verdict: 6


LOVEHANDLES started out as a cover band and has forged their attitude as a bad ass act with a lot of attitude. This surely transfer well over to recorded media, there is a smell of sweat and gasoline and the vibe is as genuine as it possibly could be. There is a bunch of really strong songs on there like Save Your Soul, Deaf Dumb & Blind and Wounded Knee. We recommend the album for anyone that like a slightly rawer Nickelback or just bad ass Hard Rock in general.

At times the singer Johan Widerberg sound like a real American Rock And Roll Star already selling out stadiums for the last twenty years. We are suckers to it all and wish them all the best to their trip to stardom.

They are already dressed up for the trick they are about to pull off.