01. Beauty And The Freak
02. Revolution, Baby
03. Turn It Up
04. My Own Life
05. Burn This City
06. Black And Blue
07. Miles Apart
08. Plans Are For People
09. Leave Me Alone
10. Break Of Day
11. We Rule The Night

Verdict: 6

SONIC SYNDICATE We Rule The Night Review

Sonic Syndicate have been one of the few really easy listening bands that still have had an edge to their melodic death metal. Then all of a sudden Roland Johansson whom handled the clean singing duties decided to leave the band. Well nobody is irreplaceable so when Nathan Biggs entered the band we hoped that the core feel of the band still would remain intact.

We have seen the band with Nathan and he struggled with the old material and didn't quite match up. So the new material is crucial, a make or brake situation for the band, the new material have to sit well with the audience,

The Rebellion EP didn't give too much of a clue, it seemed like the band lacked claws. So now it is time for the full length album We Rule The Night, and previous to the release the label has decided to release the song "My Own Life" as single. I we weren't told so we would never have guessed that this would be Sonic Syndicate. The song is just absolute rubbish, radio rock without any balls what so ever. It is a typical mainstream radio format song that will sit well on public radio, and won't upset anyone, not even the grey panthers.

One could wonder if the dudes in Sonic wanted to make an album that their parents would appreciate, if so then they have succeeded with splendor. But if they wanted to make an album with modern metal, alternating clear and Growl singing to generate high energy melodic death down the Gothenburg vein then they have failed terribly. Deep in the catacombs of Paramount Studios in North Hollywood, California producer Toby Wright has slept through the entire production letting some lame over worked errand-boy take charge of the production.

The singing is quite tilted to the clean and the growling that still is on the album doesn't add to the overall feel. Still the album sit well as a regular rock album and it certainly is a well polished product. We believe that a fair portion of the Sonic Syndicate audience will stop listening to the band and hopefully they will win a new broader audience over that will take the band to their heart. We Rule The Night certainly hold quite a few potential mainstream radio singles.