01. Beat the Bastards
02. Teutonic Terror
03. The Abyss
04. Blood of the Nations
05. Shades of Death
06. Locked and Loaded
07. Kill the Pain
08. Rollin' Thunder
09. Pandemic
10. New World Comin'
11. No Shelter
12. Bucketful of Hate

Verdict: 6

ACCEPT Blood Of The Nations

Something is definitely going on here but we are uncertain what it is. The music press is unison in its' praise of the new ACCEPT album Blood Of The Nations.

Obviously it is supposed to be great! Not just good in an old familiar way that overshadow the fact that Udo Dirkschneider isn't around.

The marketing preceding the album has been massive. The weapon of choice is Mark Tornillo, a hibernated eighties metal singer that no one knew existed. By some freak accident he sound just like (or at least hell of a lot like) Udo Dirkshneider. So ACCEPT has traveled the world spreading the gospel. We have a new singer that will do our old material justice and we will return with a new album that will melt your face and blow your minds.

Blood Of Nations could have been the album of the year and ACCEPT will carve their name in every copycat band out there that have made their success over the last two decades only because of their German ancestor.

We can tell you that we were disappointed when we heard the album, not that it is all bad. It is all average.

"Blood Of The Nations" simply isn't all that. we just can't find any "Metal Heart", "Fast as a Shark",. "Dogs On Leads", " The King", "Balls To The Wall" or even "I'm a Rebel" around. Right now we favour the latest U.D.O. release "Dominator" over "Blood of The Nations". We promise that we will revise this review if we change our minds but we strongly doubt it.