01 Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
02. El Dorado
03. Mother of Mercy
04. Coming Home
05. The Alchemist
06. Isle of Avalon
07. Starblind
08. The Talisman
09. The Man Who Would Be King
10. When the Wild Wind Blows

Verdict: 8

IRON MAIDEN The Final Frontier Review

Iron Maiden is a fantastic band. Despite that the music has shifted over the years from the punk attitude of the early years to the over the top soundscapes on later releases Iron Maiden has appeared as true to what they do. They have never ever felt like if the compromised their true interest for writing the music that they would like to hear themselves. While bands like KISS has been labeled as sellouts Iron Maiden remain.

And maybe this is just as it should be. The Final Frontier much like the Sonisphere set list focus on the third incarnation of Iron Maiden. After the punk and the beast we saw a number of albums with a slightly darker and gloomy vibe to them and that is just what we are served.

The opening song Satellite 15... The Final Frontier will surely catch anyone off guard...