01 The Requiem
02. The Radiance
03. Burning In The Skies
04. Empty Spaces
05. When They Come For Me
06. Robot Boy
07. Jornada Del Muerto
08. Waiting For The End
09. Blackout
10. Wrectches And Kings
11. Wisdom, Justice, And Love
12. Iridescent
13. Fallout
14. The Catalyst
15. The Messenger

Verdict: 1

LINKIN PARK A Thousand Suns Review

We have kept this review under wraps for quite some time hoping that A Thousand Suns would turn out something else than it first appeared to be. We all know what went on before the release of the last album "Minutes To Midnight". Linkin Park released an album with demos to the fans, material completely different than final product. Many of the tracks on the limited edition is even better than the material on Minutes To Midnight. Linkin Park after all always pride themselves of being in contact with their fans, trying to keep things interesting but still true to the sound of Linkin Park experimental cross over music.

Hip Hop shamelessly meets Nu Metal. It is fascinating that Linkin Park consequently refused to flirt with the Metal or the Hip Hop fans. The debut "Hybrid Theory" is one sinister album that still included a lot of cross over elements. "RE-Animation" caught quite a few fans completely off guard with a bunch of remixes so different that they were new songs all together.

Since then Linkin Park have released "Meterora" which we hold as one of the ten best albums any genre ever. Constantly refusing to end up a cliche of themselves they constantly morph into something new.

A Thousand Suns break every convention completely. It is ambient art music breaking almost every rule possible. This album is a series of strange soundscapes and a few of them could be considered as songs. None of them fit in the traditional song (verse bridge chorus verse verse bridge break chorus ) structure. A shitload of work must have gone into building these great walls of ambient sounds that we hear. But that will not justify the fact that Linkin Park surely will alienate any casual listener. On top of that the parts of the album that sound like "music" are really mellow with heavy processed vocal efforts, sometimes almost android like. At times Linkin Park 2010 sound like 30 Seconds To Mars and we don't quite know what to think. How will Chester ever be able to sing all the layered, auto-tuned shit out on tour?

The trust that Linkin Park have conquered over the years is used to the max on "A Thousand Suns".

We believe that Linkin Park actually abuse the trust of the fans when they release A Thousand Suns as a regular album.

This ought to be a freebie.

Where is the new Linkin Park album we have been waiting for?