01 The Great Pandemonium
02 If Tomorrow Came
03 Dear Editor
04 The Zodiac
05 Hunter's Season
06 House On A Hill
07 Necropolis
08 My Train Of Thoughts
09 Seal Of Woven Years
10 Pt I. Incubus
11 Pt II. So Long
12 Pt III. All Is Over
13 Pt IV. Dissection
14 Once Upon A Time
15 Thespian Drama

Verdict: 9

KAMELOT Poetry For The Poisoned Review

KAMELOT is probably one of the best Power Metal bands out there today. And calling KAMELOT Power metal is like calling Mozart a violinist. These guys do it all, classical- symphonic rock, progressive, gee you find a lot in the average KAMELOT album as we gotten used to know them.

In our opinion the Black Halo album is a true masterpiece really breaking new ground blending Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jim Steinman with kick ass Metal for real. The entire album is like a musical journey where the entire album presents something much richer than a five minute musical piece ever can. Ghost Opera is a slightly lamer album with a lot more classical orchestration that lacks the omph we need. Still the song "Love You To Death" is one of the best songs KAMELOT ever have produced so as you understand KAMELOT truly is unable to make a shitty album...

We have high hopes for the new album Poetry For The Poisoned that has been in the works for quite some time now. The band even invited the press when Youngblood visited Khan for writing sessions in Norwegian woods. The album cover is a dark slightly wicked thing, two dead smelly decomposing chicks cuddled up together. That could the product by the Spanish fantasy painting artist Louis Royo.

Twenty five seconds into the opening track we already nodding our heads. The Great Pandemonium let the double kicks run and there is a restraint rage present. Five minutes pass and all you want to do is to put the track on repeat. Yes! Poetry For The Poisoned is a faster angrier KAMELOT than on Ghost Opera that sound more vital and ready to strike.

Roy Khan has a singing expression that makes most rock singers (but Geoff Tate of Queensryche) just shrivel up and die.

But there are some small downs as well. we just can't understand why someone has taken overly affection to a phaser (or maybe a vocoder) effect that has been strapped on to many vocal tracks on the album for absolutely no reason at all. Also there are no obvious massive hits like March Of Mephisto, The Haunting or Soul Society around but who cares....

It's a damn good album so grab a copy and listen to it back to back a few times you won't regret it.