01. Remnants
02. Asylum
03. The Infection
04. Warrior
05. Another Way to Die
06. Never Again
07.  The Animal
08. Crucified
09. Serpentine
10. My Child
11. Sacrifice
12. Innocence
13. Ishfwilf

Verdict: 8

DISTURBED Asylum Review

DISTURBED pretty much spells out what Nu-Metal of today is all about. They are battered by the music press and the metal community. Haters always have the last say when it comes to Disturbed. It is simply not cool to be a fan of Disturbed these days.

Still their album occupy the first place of Billboard 200 with every single release. How could it be that Disturbed sell huge amounts of albums and have no one speaking up for them? David Draiman (who is a Jew) even got battered when he criticized the fact that Lemmy Killminster of Motorhead collect Nazi memorabilia. The fat old Lemmy can kiss our hairy asses, David has every right in the world to speak up on the topic.

And by the way Disturbed sell records because they deliver, again and again and again. Tough enough but yet radio friendly enough to sell truckloads of records on your way to stardom. That is exactly what the gentlemen of DISTURBED have succeeded with.These guys are old enough to understand their product. 10 000 fists is one of a handful metal anthems that has been produced over the last decade.

Well as you can imagine Asylum is just as good as the rest of the albums signed with the quality insignia of Disturbed. We truly believe that Disturbed will be considered the air to Metallica as the most influential Metal band in the next decade.