01 Praedator
02 Himmelsfärdskommando
03 Skriet från vildmarken
04 Världsherravälde
05 Lebensgefahr
06 Hulkovius Rex
07 Mordbrandsrök
08 Lennart
09 Ingenting är glömt
10 Polarvargen
11 Armageddon
12 En hjältes väg

Verdict: 9

RAUBTIER Skriet Från Vildmarken review

Raubtier really arrived like a hand grenade from nowhere. Their first video "Kamphund" took off on YouTube and the band had a huge following even before they released their first single. The first album "Det Finns Bara Krig" (There Is Only War) touched onto something in the Swedish soul and kids as well as body builders are singing along to their wicked hymns. While most band conform with that what is considered hip or in fashion, Raubtier decided to sing in Swedish, well not exactly standard Swedish but rather in the dialect of the Arctic called Norrländska. The lyrical themes circle around war, evil doings and death matching the sharp sound of their industrial metal creating something different, something new.

The first album got mixed reviews and some papers as well as ether media refused to recognize the band despite their huge popularity and success. This is something that the band touch upon in the two songs "Världsherravälde" and "Ingenting är glömt". Those that claimed that Raubtier only would die after the first release, calling them all sorts of rubbish can line up and beg the band for forgiveness right

Think of Raubtier as a roaring Tiger tank eliminating anything in its way across the frozen Arctic tundra. The Diesel smoke fumes rise to the sky slashing the crisp air like the butchers knife slits the throat of the lamb. Raubtier are waiting for all hell to break loose and the when all hope is gone and the gates of hell springs open, that is when Raubtier regroup and advance over the blood splattered snow, on the way to Valhall.

Raubtiers second album "Skriet Från Vildmarken" continue where the first album left off. This time the songs are more diverse and they even have thrown in some orchestral arrangement. We can assure you that when Hulkoff gets his hands on a classical orchestra they accompany a war and nothing else. The strongest tracks are "Skriet från Vildmarken", "Himmelsfärdskommando", "Lebensgefahr" and "En Krigares Väg" On the pre listening session in Stockholm Per Hulkoff simply stated that -If you don't like this song I don't like you.

"Skriet Från Vildmarken" will become the perfect soundtrack for a generation of Scandinavian youth that dig in for the winter 2010, Hell, Hulkovius Rex.