01. The Mirror And The Ripper
02. Heaven Nor Hell
03. Who They Are
04. Fallen
05. A Better Believer
06. 7 Shots
07. A New Day
08. 16 Dollars
09. A Warriors Call
10. Magic Zone
11. Evelyn
12. Being 1
13. Thanks

Verdict: 9

VOLBEAT Beyond Hell Above Heaven

How could it be possible to resist the Danish Hell Cowboys Riding Rock a Billy bareback on the Metallica Metal Machine? Morgan Paulsen and his gang are about to release their fourth effort and Beyond Hell Above Heaven will be scrutinized by many, judged as the album that brought Volbeat to the masses on mainstream radio or the album that sent Volbeat back in the arms of their loving underground following.

You bet they will break big with Beyond Hell Above Heaven! The guys in Volbeat shamelessly dish out easy listening tunes worthy of Sanne Salomonsen or Kim Larsen with a slight punk touch a la Green Day just to stir things up a bit in the stew. We consider Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil a better overall album but the songs on Beyond Hell Above Heaven stick like chewing gum to your shoe. But hell this old chewing gum actually is quite enjoyable despite that it has been used for the last thirty years. Morgan

Paulsens unmistakeably unique singing style fill the gap between Johnny Cash and James Hetfield in a way we never ever thought possible.

Volbeat 100% Whisky, Burning rubber, Fierce melodic Country Trash and bad ass Cadillacs, Yep that's it folks!