01 SCG5: It's a Boy!
02. Babez for Breakfast
03. This Is Heavy Metal
04. Rock Police
05. Discoevil
06. Call Off the Wedding
07. I Am Bigger Than You
08. ZombieRawkMachine
09. Midnite Lover
10. Give Your Life for Rock and Roll
11. Nonstop Nite
12. Amen's Lament to Ra
13. Loud and Loaded
14. Granny's Gone Crazy

Verdict: 4

LORDI Babez For Breakfast Review

The Finish KISS emulator maximus LORDI is back with a new album just as serious as usual. Lordi serve us easy listening music along the veins of Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Kiss and just every other arena band that comes to your mind.

The best thing about Lordi is that they make sure that the songs are good enough and justify the time they occupy. The bad thing on the other hand is that they rip off their forefathers in the worst kind off way. We recognise several oldies on "Babez For Breakfast" and the band must be worried sick to end up with a lawsuit in their lap. But if you judge "Babez For Breakfast" from the perspective that you haven't heard the songs before then we guess that this really would be a kick ass album.

Lordi score 1 point for originality and about 6 for the album.