01. End of You
02. Catching the Sky
03. Just Dance
04. Star Parade
05. September Sun
06. Hey My Enemies
07. Forgive and Forget
08. Breaking Bad
09. Crystal
10. Who Needs to Sleep

Verdict: 6

END OF YOU Remains Of The Day Review

Remains of the Day is the third album by the Finish band End Of You.

The last album "Mimesis" seeped of dark damp anguish just waiting to be released. Songs like "Paper Trails", "Blind Rhythm, "Better God, the Cover song "Golden Eye", the ballroom song "In Elegance"  and the opening track "Better God" all stop the same language. Depeshe Mode and Paradise Lost came to mind and we just loved it all.

End Of You really have something great that they ought to nurture.

So now End Of You have had a few years to grow and they have grown to name the album "The Remains Of The Day". Well that isn't directly "666 The Number Of The Beast and it surely doesn't bode well, Remains of the night is a title we would prefer any day.

It honestly seem like they have gone boy band rather than ultra dark depressed and beautiful. Sorry enough this also is where we start to get annoyed. We hate generic music especially pop and it seems like every odd turn in the compositions has been polished away.

End Of You have lost the unruly spirit in the process and we wish them the best and hope they will grow a mainstream following since they are doomed to loose a majority of their old following. This is wimpiest album in the band's career and that fact is made painfully clear and loud during the first single, "Star Parade". End Of You might have turned into another Sunrise Avenue, and that would be sad.

The songs "End Of You" and "Breaking Bad" stand out as songs that still have some balls on a surprisingly weak effort by a band that we have high hopes for.