01. Deus Culpa
02. Con Clavi Clon Dio
03. Ritual
04. Elizabeth
05. Stand By Him
06. Satan Prayer
07. Death Knell
08. Prime Mover
09. Genesis

Verdict: 3

GHOST Opus eponymous Review

One of the most hyped bands right now is the Black Metal act Ghost. It has even gone to the point when music journalists pride themselves with claiming that they are members of the band.

GHOST sound like a mix between old metal like Angelwitch, Turbo Negro and any old progressive music from the last Millennium.

The members hide their identities and the interviews they conduct are heavily draped in all sorts of theatrics. GHOST even claim that they have a person that channel the lyrics and music from another supposed satanic dimension. All the compositions are perfect making the listener a satanic believer.

So how does the music measure up? Well to tell you the truth it is a quite bland mash-up of what was done early in the eighties and pop, nothing that get us going at all. We recommend Merciful Fate but we stay clear of GHOST.

With the right marketing it is possible to sell all sorts of shit, GHOST included.