01. Bradycardia
02. Pine Barrens
03. Underneath My Skin
04. Breathe
05. Into the Unknown
06. The Contract
07. Enemy of My Enemy
08. As I Go Away
09. Black
10. Death Don't Spare No Lives
11. Do What Thou Wilt

Verdict: 8

Sparzanza - Circle

- What’s inside the Circle?
I tell you - The most versatile and dynamic album SPARZANZA have ever produced. Not only that it contains the most brutal and rawest songs and grooves that will make heads bang. Circle also display a different side of their songwriting skills. In some senses Circle is different from what’s been done before, gloomy and moody. The SPARZANZA trademark, keeping the melodies in the focus is still there but at times it sounds Alice Cooper at other times Alice in Chains. Fredrik Weileby has annihilated his earlier work, this is the most impressive vocal performances ever!

Well I don't think the new album is anything else than a logic development for a band with an identity. Cirlce picks up where the last album ended and I hope that Sparzanza continue to deliver great music in the way they currently are doing. The truth is that Sparzanza is building a quite song treasure, releasing an album every year with no fillers in a time when most band have a hard time to deliver an album every five years. Impressive!

I like the upbeat tracks on this album, The Enemy of my enemy, Black and Pine Barrens are all fine songs. As I go away showcases Fredrik Weilebys singing capabilities constantly shifting between mellow and loud parts. I am just waiting for that moment where the drums and electric guitar will be introduced...

I checked the band out when they played in Stockholm, Södra Teatern,  a few weeks ago, just after the release of the new album Cirvcle. They mixed older material with material from the new album and the new songs blend in very well and sits there right with the older material. The band is incredibly tight and Fredrik Weilebys singing effort was nothing short of stellar. This is one of the things that really set Sparzanza apart from the mob.

Sparzanza deliver live, they possess the skill to sound just as good live as on album. While bands like Takidaa, Mustasch often sound like shit Sparzanza blow me away live, every time.

Hell, they even set off the fire alarm! That didn't stop the band from continuing the party in front of Södra Teatern as the fire department did their searched the building.

Circle is a solid album by a great band!