Disc I
01. Sabre & Torch
02. Space Police
03. Defenders Of The Crown
04. Love Tyger
05. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
06. Rock Me Amadeus
07. Do Me Like A Caveman
08. Shadow Eaters
09. Alone In Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer

Disc II [bonus]
01. England
02. Aychim In Hysteria
03. Space Police [progressive version]
04. Space Police [instrumental version]
05. Love Tyger [instrumental version]
06. Defenders Of The Crown [instrumental version]
07. Do Me Like A Caveman [instrumental version]

Verdict: 5

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders of the Crown Review

Ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to the Freakshow!

Tobias Sammet had every possibility to lead Edguy to unlimited greatness ten years ago when Hellfire Club was released. the world sang along to Mysteria, The Piper Never Dies, Navigator and King of Fools wherever they entered the stage. A band that wrote killer tunes and had a humoristic edge to the music. Since then they have toured the world, been superheroes and. Their latest achievement was to fuck with fire. 

At times I believe that Tobi has poured all of his creative juices into Avantasia and Eduy is still alive just so that the rest of the members could earn a bit of money as well.

So Edguy has left this universe and are raiding foreign planets on the latest effort Space Police. Space police is a branded by Lego and one could wonder if some of the songwriting was carried out while they were playing with their kids.

"We have focused on what makes this band unique and
recorded what we believe is going to be the strongest
and heaviest album Edguy has ever recorded."

The album starts out with a solid upbeat track, Saber & Torch that actually resembles old Edguy quite a bit with the double bass drums and heavy layered synthesizer.  Toby is soaring above the music as we have gotten used to, he is certainly not one of the best singers but within his limitations he does his thing great.

The title track is a six minute track that aim to be a natural continuation of what Edguy always have been about, humor and Power Metal. It actually works pretty well, the track is bombastic enough without becoming too cheesy.

The album Space Police is actually better than we expected it to be. With tunes like Do me Like a Caveman and Love Tyger... What should you expect.? This is just slightly better than a historic low point in Lavatory Love Machine....

Lets face it the album is completely predictable, it is lurking there in the shadows of their previous glory, but on the other hand it's positive, easy to enjoy and Tobias Sammet is gifted as hell. Rock me Amadeus actually sound better than the original and England sure got Steve Harris.

So the bottom line is that if you are into Power metal with a lot of humor, then you will love the album.It sure is a good Edguy album.

But I am not that fond of this type of music, I don't get exited, I grow tired.