01. Live ‘Til You Die
02. Unwritten Sacrifice
03. Falling For The Big Plan
04. Crying In The Rain
05. Too Many Clowns
06. Midnight Angel
07. The Art Of Compromise
08. Don’t Fall Asleep
09. Wisdom’s Had Its Day
10. Burning River
11. The Valley Of Tears

Verdict: 9

Magnum - Escape from the Shadow Garden Review

Magnum is one of the classic bands that blended symphonic elements into their style of music inventing a style of their own. Back in the beginning of the eighties Tony Clarkin and singer Bob Catley stuck gold when he released a number of high quality albums. With Chase The Dragon, The Eleventh Hour, On a Storytellers Night and Wings of Heaven Magnum fenced in their own distinct style. They were not like Marillion nor were they Whitesnake yet they were so damn good in the genre of their own. They claimed their very own little part in our hearts to be cherished and remembered.

They kept going until the mid nineties but the last few releases were not at all like the classical ones, when albums like Rock art were released I didn't even bother to pick up their albums anymore. 

Now after a number of releases Magnum has decided to pick up their grand old style, singing about dragons and all sorts of mystical stories, and the dramatic rock music is back in the front seat once more. One could expect that it would be cheesy and predictable.

But it sure is.

The first single of Escape from the Shadow Garden album made me skeptical, Too Many Clowns is a straight forward rock tune, not a typical Magnum track at all. It's not a bad track in its own right but its not carnying the legacy of Magnum at all.

Don't worry the album is nothing like the single.

The first three tracks on the album are among the best Magnum ever have produced. Live 'Til You Die, Unwritten Sacrifice and Falling For The Big Plan are great.Who could possibly criticize this release when tracks like "Midnight Angel and Don't Fall Asleep they could  easily be mistaken for tracks from On A Storytellers Night

Bob Catley still have a strong voice and even if the highest notes are beyond his reach it doesn't matter as long as he has his nerve. On Escape from the Shadow Garden Bob Catley is one hell of a storyteller and Tony Clarkins damn guitar is on fire, this is good.

Since the Release of The Visitation every single album by Magnum has been great. I am just amazed that Magnum continue to deliver, it is just as time actually stood still.