01. The Eye of the Storm
02. Immortalized
03. The Vengeful One
04. Open Your Eyes
05. The Light"
06. What Are You Waiting For
07. You're Mine
08. Who
09. Save Our Last Goodbye
10. Fire It Up
11. The Sound of Silence
12. Never Wrong
13. Who Taught You How to Hate

12. The Aftermath

Verdict: 9

We always believed that Disturbed would be the next big thing after Metallica and so it seems to be. No matter what garbage metal purists throw their way and regardless of the massive number of haters on the internet they still deliver and the fans pick up their albums like never before even after a lengthy hiatus. The amount of marketing before the release of the album even has been somewhat limited. The album was released back in August through Reprise Records and is Disturbed's first studio album since 2010 when Asylum. We all were taken by surprise when David and Dan started to talk about doing something with Disturbed again just to admit that the album already was recorded just a few days later! It's been five years since the last album and this is actually even marking the longest gap between two studio albums in their career.

The album opens with some static noise form an old vinyl and a slow guitar intro that keep you on needles for a minute and a half. Will Disturbed sound the same? Disturbed pick up just where they left off, Immortalized sound like a continuation of 10 000 fists and Davids voice still sound like a barking angry pitbull amstaff with his trademark singing style. The tracks all blend right in there together with the rest of their catalogue, the songs actually are slightly better than the average Disturbed album.

They are so damn good and they really impress, the first single The Vengeful one has a slight touch of Motley Crue to the opening riff. The strength of Disturbed actually is their weakness, the variation is almost non existing and you wont stick a Disturbed album in you car stereo and leave it on repeat for a week. The soundtrack to the Christmas was the cover of the album, Sound of Silence originally a track by Simon & Garfunkel. The Distrubed version is like 100 0000 times better and showcases the enormous vocal range of David Draiman.

The Video for The Vengeful One was pulled from rotation after a madman repeated the massacre played out on the video in real life just a few days after it was released and Disturbed got quite a bit of critique for it.

Needless to say the album were a Billboard number one. That made Disturbed the third band in history to achieve this feat, the others being Metallica and Dave Matthews Band. Immortalized is one of the biggest heavy metal releases of 2015. Regardless of what you think of them and it also is one of the best damn albums of the year.

No fillers, all killers.