Billion Dollar Babies

01. I Want To See You Burn
02. Everyone's In Love With A Chemical God
03. The Junkies Ball
04. One
05. Why Don't You Put Up A Fight
06. Election Day
07. President Payne
08. When The Light Goes Out
09. The Nightmare Began
10. The Man I Am
11. House Of Dreams

Verdict: 8

Artist: Billion Dollar Babies
Album: Chemical God
Release date: 29 January 2016
Label: Metallville

I have dismissed Billion Dollar Babies completely simply due to the fact that the name of the band is an obvious rip of Alice Coopers classic album, chances are that everything else is a bleak copy of the great hard rock produced in the seventies.

Billion Dollar Babies released their debut album, Die For Diamonds back in 2011 an event that passed pretty much unnoticed in music history .

So since then the band has been touring heavily and sharpened their knifes in the dark allies of Sweden the nation close to the north pole that produces one fantastic heavy band after another. Billion Dollar Babies sure have succeed, the result is nothing less than stellar! Chemical God is a great album from beginning to end, modern sounding but never going over the edge loosing contact with their musical roots.  They don't hide the fact that the musical heritage is bands like KISS, WASP and obviously Alice Cooper but still they manage to keep their integrity. Billion Dollar Babies borrow the vibe of their idols not the melodies, and the songs are catchy as hell!

Chemical God was recorded under the guidance of well-known producer Rikard Löfgren (Mustasch, Enforcer, Sister Sin) and is by far above and beyond everything the band has released before. The lead-off single and album title track Everyones In Love With A Chemical God gives you a pretty good idea what the band is about. The basic tracks were recorded by Erik Berglund at BoomTown in Borlänge, Sweden. Everything was recorded live in the studio to capture as much as possible of the band’s on-stage energy  (just like KISS did on their Rock 'n Roll Over album). Vocals, overdubs and mixing were done at Leon Music Studio in Karlstad, Sweden by Rikard Löfgren.

Rumors have it that this band is one hell of a live act, tempting indeed, we will definitively keep an eye out for this act in the future as we predict a bright future for Billion Dollar Babies!