01. Hello
02. High Noon
03. Into Your Heart 
04. Around the World
05. Eye to Eye
06. Is It Real
07. Life's What You Need
08. The Storm
09. Raise Your Hands 
10. Stand Tall
11. Watch Me Burn
12. Wild and Hungry

Verdict: 7

Artist: Shakra
Album: High Noon
Release date: 29 January 2016
Label: AFM Records

Shakra one of the few music exports from Switzerland, where ladies joddle while they serve beer and the men are skiing down the slopes in lederhosen. But Shakra have proven themselves over the last twenty years. They craft descent music in the heritage of AC/DC, Krokus, ZZ-Top and Status Quo, modern sounding rock 'n roll and nothing else. Although Shakra is good they sometimes suffer from a lack of variation in their songwriting falling into a blah, blah, middle of the road mode.

Shakra have obvious problems finding a singer that sticks around long enough to get acquainted with the fans, this is the fourth change of vocalist. This time around they seem to have solved it to the satisfaction of us all, Mark Fox (2002-2009) is back something that I greatly appreciate since he is a fantastic singer.

High Noon opens up with "Hello", a track that surely will open their set 'cause it is massive. I get the impression that they have tried to capture the energy felt as performers dashing onto the stage as the curtain fall, the stage lights blast and the crowd goes crazy. "High Noon", the title track is another sing along song with a massive guitar riff carrying the song, this sound just like Shakra at their best. "Around the world" take it down a notch more moody and bluesy, "The storm" is another fantastic track.

I would say that "High Noon" is an album slightly better than the average Shakra album catering to the fans they already have but the ambitions to break new ground are missing.