01. See You At the Bottom
02. Same Damn Life
03. Words As Weapons
04. My Disaster
05. Crash
06. Suffer It All
07. Watch Me Drown
08. Nobody Praying For Me
09. Keep the Dogs At Bay
10. Save Today
11. Turn Around
12. Burn the World
13. Goodbye Tonight
14. Weak


Verdict: 6


Seether - Isolate and Medicate

Seether, the odd band coming out of South Africa. A post Grunge band that pulled a lot of inspiration from bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Deftones. They had some modest success with their first album and went on tour with Evanescense. The singer he singer Shaun Morgan started to date Amy Lee, the singer and front figure of Evanescence and they re recorded the track Broken as a duet. The track was  a huge hit on quite a few markets but first and foremost Seether became famous in the States.


Since then their sound has shifted from grunge to a more radio rock oriented style. In the later albums Seether has sounded a lot more like Nickelback than Nirvana, something that I personally don't appreciate all that much.


Isolate And Medicate is the sixth full-length album by Seether, and it has been three years since their last album. In many ways the album is a journey back to their earlier sound. The opening track See you at the bottom has a claustrophobic feel to it while the chorus is catchy enough to grab you attention. The monotone riff is the same throughout the entire track, you will recognize the track after the first listen. The third track, also the first single from the album, “Words As Weapons” was released on 1 May, 2014 and the video can be seen below. The track bears a great resemblance to the track Mad World from the Donnie Darko feature film Soundtrack. The strophe "All I really want is something beautiful to say, to never fade away, I want to live forever" is striking, so true to any musician or artist for that sake. So naked and raw, some great shit there!


But Seether are still playing it safe and the tracks "My Disaster" and "Nobody Praying For Me" takes them right back into the Nickelback little league together with a thousand other average Joes trying to make it big time. Tried to make it like a ... Couldn't cut it as a poor man... meh. Rubbish...

But if you can overlook the few bad tracks on the album it really is a decent effort. Most of the album actually has a genuine feel to it and tracks like "Burn The World", "Suffer it all", "Words As Weapons" and "Keep The Dogs At Bay Now" are great tracks.

I really think that they should have cut the album a few tracks short and made a great album instead of playing it safe and ending up with an average stew, but thats just my humble opinion.