1. Encaged
2. Hellgate
3. Jack of Diamonds
4. My Escape
5. Fallout
6. Power Shift
7. Contradiction
8. Damage Control
9. Red eyed fiend
10. Affliction

 Verdict: 9

I don't care much for growling singers, they tend to be too one dimensional in their scream feast.  Sonic Syndicate should really fall into that category, shit that teeny kids like to listen to while they are maturing...

When I happened to see Sonic Syndicate earlier this year I had not heard the first two albums from the group and I was really positively surprised by the energy they transferred over to the audience. Love and other disasters captures that energy in every sense. It's a really strong album from Encaged right down to the last track Affliction.

They really have found something that is unique here. One growling singer and one that doesn't gives a mix that blends into melodic death metal for real. The record is a stellar work from everyone that has been involved. The musicians as well as recording, production and mixing is just great. This record will spin a lot. Trust me when I claim that Sonic Syndicate will be there among the big ones in a few years.