01. That Was Just Your life
02. The end of the line
03. Broken and scarred
04. The day that never comes
05. All Nightmare Long
06. Cyanide
07. The unforgiven III
08. The Judas kiss
09. Suicide and redemption
10. My Apocalypse

Verdict: 5

Broken beat and scarred If Metallica picked Broken beat and scarred as a first track because they though it was a really solid and strong I don't know what to expect of the rest of this album. the track is irrational without any strong chorus what so ever. One fragmented riff after the other follows.

My Apocalypse, seems to be a surprisingly insightful title. A descent fast paced track that becomes tedious towards the end but the playing feels sloppy despite that the drum sound is considerably better on this CD than on St:Anger.

Suicide and redemption, this track actually starts of with a real good riff and my head starts to nod. then I see that the track is over nine minutes long... I predict I will hear this riff over hundred times before the song ends... Oh it's an instrumental track, that's sad.

The unforgiven III, Well I guess that someone in the management stepped around here and said -You have to pitch the record at your audience or the record won't sell at all. All the dudes in the group then did this... the track is really a power ballad, and it's a good one. are Metallica turning into Scorpions II?

That Was Just Your Life, My thought goes to Alice Cooper during the intro and then it start to sound... Metallica! You Mission impossible style. This track could definitely be a hit... Oh it's over seven minutes... But it's a good track anyway!

The end of the line, This song start off with a riff that is stolen... from Metallica. It's darn close to the riff in For whom the bell tolls. Ride the lightning warning. It's OK not better.

About here I'm quite fed up with Metallica and would much rather listen to the new album by Disturbed...

The day that never comes, This track is OK little bit like something from ride the lightning of Master of Puppets. All Nightmare Long, This was a really poor track, really poor monotone and looong... Gasp