1. United
2. Blind evil
3. Fire battle in metal
4. In flames you burn
5. Crusaders' anthem
6. Back from the dead
7. Higher on fire
8. The prophecy
9. Made of metal
10. Heavy metal in the night
11. Let me out
12. The chosen ones
13. The book of Heavy Metal
14. Chasing the dragon
15. Children of the night

Verdict: 8

There are many things to say about this group. They consist of a bunch of averaged wannabees, they are just a joke, they don't even have an original name. They are just a rip off, stealing everything from the groups around them. Well who cares. Dream Evil rock and deliver live as well as on record while most groups today just suck ass. With songs like Made of metal, United, Crusaders anthem and The Book Dream Evil just can't miss their mark. They are a group that really deserve better than they are credited for. This is a live concert from sticky fingers in Gothenbourg. The second disc is B-sides and rare stuff. This compilation giving you just the best of the best and sound quality is just stellar! Buy it now!