Pyramaze Immortal 1.Arise
2.Year Of The Phoenix
3.Ghost Light
4.Touched By The Mara
5.A Beautiful Death
6.Legacy In A Rhyme
7.Caramons Poem
8.The Highland
9.Shadow Of The Beast
10. March Through An Endless Rai

Verdict: 5

I really don't know what to think, I liked the last record from this group; Legend of the Bonecarver. The first word that comes to my mind is bland. It's Power metal alright but with groups like Kamelot out there you have to go the distance or I won't sped my time on it. Mathew Barlow (Iced Earth) does not help and most of the time the singing doesn't glue into the arrangements.

I like Touched by the Mara where they start to use the dynamics in the music but most of the material is outright weak and this record is a disappointment.