1. Dreamers Unite
2. We Are Immortal
3. End Of The World
4. Open Your Eyes
5. The Searcher
6. One More Night
7. Light Up My Way
8. You Are My Star
9. War In Heaven
10. Win The Throne
11. Haunted
12. Heat Of Passion

Verdict: 8

BOB CATLEY the lead singer of MAGNUM has done a few solo efforts over the years and they all have been decent albums. But one of them shines above the other, like a bright shining star, WHEN EMPIRES BURN, it's one of my favorite albums of all time. So when I am about to listen to IMMORTAL, the new effort from BOB CATLEY my expectations are quite low. But already on the first track it's obvious that this record is one hell of a good effort. It's sounding like something in between MAGNUM and WHEN EMPIRES BURN!

The melodies on IMMORTAL are extremely good. The overall craftsmanship is just excellent, and the sound is edgy, but still it's extremely easy listening.

This will be the soundtrack to my autumn.