01.Thunder & Lightning
02.I Am Hollow
03.Scream 4 Me
04.Here's Looking at You Kid   
05.All Pistols
06.Sex Drugs Anarchy
07.Lay Your Money Down
08.Here 2day Gone 2mrw
09.Something's Gotta Give
10.Blood on the Bricks
11.We Do Not Come in Peace
12.Stay with Me

Verdict: 6

Gemini Five is a completely new experience for me, I haven' even heard of the band. This is a Sleaze ball! The band has picked every cliche used by Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and Van Halen and morphed into a soup of their own.

The true asset of this band is the really good consistent songwriting, it doesn't take long before your head is nodding and so it goes on.

If there is a place for groups like Hardcore superstar and Crash Diet there is a spot for this group as well but this record will make a marginal footprint in the history of music.