01.Scream For Your Mother
04.A Bigger Bang
05.Back On Track
06.Deep Beyond
07.Hey Baby
08.You're Nothing But A Lie
10.All Get Up
11.Make It Better

Verdict: 7

The self titled debut album from these Swedish Metal heads is a nice experience. AMMOTRACK has been around for a few years now and has been surrounded by a good reputation as a group that can deliver on stage, but I guess record deals don't fall from the sky these days. They describe themselves as "heaviness, really cool melodies and stone-hard rock n' roll attitude" and to the largest part this is true but something is still missing in the picture. Well I don't know if AMMOTRACK will feel flattered by this but the fact is that Ammotrack sound like... Motley Crue. Not your average Motley but Motley Crue in the incarnation with John Corabi. Throw in a bit Backyard Babies and the picture is complete.

If you like the single Scream for your mother then you like the rest of the album as well, I do.