Evergrey Torn 1.Broken wings
4.When kingdom fall
5.In confidence
9. Nothing is erased
10.Still walk alone
11.These scars
12.Caught in a lie

Verdict: 9

EVERGREY really touches something with their dark and moody music. I have followed the YouTube clips the group released previous to the release of TORN and the album sound very collected and every single song on the album has a place of its own. It really feels like it's an album that I have had for ages, a precious one.

Many state that EVERGREY sold out a bit on their last album MONDAY MORNING APOCALYPSE bur I believe nothing can be more wrong. EVERGREY are explorers of music and I'm on for the ride. This album is not as accessible as the last one but hey, they build sonic art like no one else. Where most groups turn to pop or melodic death, EVERGREY stand, solid, strong and it's magnificent.