UNSUN 1. Whispers
2. Lost Innocence
3. Blinced by Hatred
4. Face the Truth
5. The Other Side
6. Destiny
7. Memories
8. Bring Me to Heaven
9. On the Edge
10. Closer to Death
11. Indifference

Verdict: 6

The debut album from the polish constellation UNSUN is an interesting experience. Gothic, atmospheric  music with mellow piano ballad parts. here and there you find parts that clearly are inspired by Arabic music. The guitarist Mauser stems form the Polish Death metal band VADER and you would expect this to have at least some resemblance to VADERS music but no. UNSUN sounds more like EVANESCENCE or TATU than VADER. Some might think that suck.

I find it refreshing.

Aya, the female singer gives the music a strong touch of something softer, nice and commercial. The melodies are incredibly strong and I particularly like Whispers, Blinded by hatred and Destiny but it's true that the soft, atmospheric stuff stand out as strong as well. The production is not the best and it feels artificial and homegrown but i guess that in the absence of an Evanescence or a TATU this group really have a place on the music scene these days.