IVANHOE Lifeline 1. Lifeline
2. Mad Corner
3. Schizophrenie
4. Suffering
5. Angels Hologram
6. Time Machine
7. Finally
8. You Will Burn
9. Cheops

Verdict: 5

IVANHOE lands somewhere in the Prog - Power metal range, and bands like Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, Kamelot and Edguy comes to my mind while listening to this album.

This German six piece outfit set out to do something grand. It's grandiose ala any Andrew Loyd Webber production you can imagine. The album starts out strong with the title track 'Lifeline' and I find myself sitting there really eager to here more but the record really just fall from here.

When IVANHOE try to make the music interesting they really ties a knot to themselves. Intricate rhythms can be interesting adding new dimension to the music if it trails off into something catchy on the other end, but no... The riff in the track 'You will burn' sound like it was picked straight from KISS revenge album and it's not to flattering at all.

This could have been a good album if some of the poor shit on it had been skipped all together.

Now it's just another album.