1. Lonely Are The Brave
2. Night City
3. War of The World
4. Shadow People
5. Soul of the Wind
6. Man of The Dark
7. Promises
8. The Inner Road
9. Hellfire

Bonustracks (Limited Edition)
10. Stormbringer
11. Like Stone In Water

Verdict: 8

Jorn Lande, one of the most prominent mercenaries of metal is back with his solo effort 'Lonely are the brave'.

He is lending his capabilities to those who pay, and he been on many a good production. Avantasia, Ayreon only to name a few. I have heard his name many times before but never bothered to listen to him despite that many a good person has suggested that I really should give him a try.

This summer however, I was to the Avantasia gig and surely Jorn Lande can sing, there's no doubt about that.

Jorn Landes' trademark is that he emulates other masters of the genre. Mr Lande actually sound like Mr Coverdale and Mr Dio nicely blended into one. That is one hell of a combination, and on top of that the compositions on 'Lonely are the brave' are great.

It isn't innovative and new, but who cares, this is good shit! If you like solid 80's Metal this album will impress. It has solid compositions, skilled performances from the musicians, flawless arrangements and Jorn Lande does a stellar effort on the singing.

This record is actually even better than recent records by Whitesnake and Dio!

I strongly suggest that you give this record try, even if your first instinct is to skip it. Just give the title track a chance, give 'Lonely are the brave' one minute, you'll know at once if this is something for you.

Jack Black has misunderstood something gravelly, when he sings that DIO, the god of metal should pass his cape over to him...

Truly it belongs to none else than Mr Jorn Lande.