1. Rock n roll train
2. Skies on fire
3. Big Jack
4. Anything goes
5. War machine
6. Smash n grab
7. Spoilin' for a fight
8. Wheels
9. Decibel
10. Stormy may day
11. She likes rock n roll
12. Money made
13. Rock n roll dream
14. Rocking all the way
15. Black ice

Verdict: 10

Everybody has their say about this album and so will I. I'm a big fan of the original AC/DC and value albums like Power Age, if you want blood and Dirty deeds to be among the best i Rock 'n roll history. I believed that there was no way in hell that they ever would be able to replace Bon Scott when he tragically left us all far to soon. But "Back in Black" proved something else. Brian Johnsson surely could belt out strange noises as singer of the Aussie quintet. They did a great follow up in the "For those about to Rock" album but from that point it has been downhill all the way. Sure, I like thunderstruck and scattered songs, hell it's still AC/DC but the record have been pretty lame.

So now it's time for "Black Ice" the first in seven years, and the old farts surely must have drank some petrol since we heard them the last time because "Black Ice" really kicks some serious ass. Or to put it music radar did:

"Every song kicks a donkey's ass and then some, and they magically make you feel like you're 16 years old again and on the precipice of...well, everything."

It's a lot more bluesy and in your face than any other album that hear today among all the "produced to the max" albums of today. after I had listened through the entire album the first time my first though was "is this all?", My next thought was "Yes it is!".

This album really is a new "Back in black" this is the album that could have been released instead of "Back in black" and kept the fans just as happy.

I had to hear it all over again, just to understand how good this album actually is.

This is the best AC/DC album in decades.

Am I biased?

Hell no, this album is Heavy as Hell!