01. I'm going in
02. Monkey business
03. Follow me
04. Have a drink on me
05. Don't care
06. Reach out (and regret)
07. Generation X
08. No one knows
09. Live fast / Die young
10. Not your kind
11. Feed us

Verdict: 8

I really admire the ambitious Peter Tägtgren for his fantastic work on the Pain albums.Peter Tägtgren is maybe more famous for his work in Bloodbath and Hypocrisy but the Pain are almost as famous these days.

Pain albums are always interesting to listen to, they take you on a journey, the songs always balance between being extremely catchy and easy listening to being really aggressive and edgy.

The latest effort Cynic Paradise fits right in there with the rest of the albums. "I'm going in really" sets the standard for this album and Peter plays around mixing in different styles of music through the album.

There are some country and boogey hints on the song Have a drink on me and Follow me is balancing dangerously close to dance music. The new Nightwish singer does guest appearances on two songs, and they both are so smooth that they fit for radio play!