01. More
02. The Ultimate Fling
03. Revolution Roulette
04. Psychosis
05. Fragile
06. Clevermind
07. Miss Impossible
08. Diamonds For Tears
09. Passion Colors Everything
10. Save Me
11. Where Do We Draw The Line

Verdict: 9

Poets of the fall really is a black cheep. They haven't played for ages before breaking. They haven't released a gazillion albums or played in numerous groups previous to POTF.

They got acknowledged from the very beginning, they stayed on the Finnish charts for 56 weeks with their debut album...

Hell this trio isn't even a complete group...

The dudes in Poets of the fall really seem to know what they are up to, and I don't. This album breathe maturity and Revolution Roulette really break borders.

The record starts out with a quite conventional track with "More" but half the way through the track something happens. The break includes harp and orchestral ingredients that makes me think of Manic Street Preachers, Simple minds or even Pallas back in the hay day!

I'm a sucker for pompous arrangements and Revolution Roulette is the shit.

Trust me!

This album flirts with Marilyn Manson as well as Him, you will find influences from numerous groups in here in it's mellow parts it remind me of the integrity Staind once possessed, but Revolution Roulette is still it's original.

If Poets of the fall could operate as a touring band there are no limits to the greatness they can achieve but I fear that they will stay in the shadows as an exclusive flavor for the music connoisseur.

Give Revolution Roulette a try you might just like it!