01. Ministry Of Saints
02. Sex Fire Religion
03. The Pride Of Creation
04. Nine Lives
05. Wake Up Dreaming Black
06. Dragonfly
07. Thorn Withoout A Rose
08. 929
09. Speedhoven
10. Dead Or Rock
11. Aren't You A Little Pervert Too

Verdict: 6

This German Power metal outfit has been around for quite some time now. Tobias Sammet has set the standard really high over the years. This goes for EDGUY as well as for his side project AVANTASIA but lately something has happened with EDGUY. The last record Superheroes had a good title track but the rest of the album was crappy. Tinnitus Sanctus should be a really good album, uptempo and hard. This because the latest AVANTASIA album has a lot of POP elements to it and all the left overs should fit well to compose this album.

Dragonfly has this part that is a rip off from Dio/Stars where Geoff Tate sings -but singers and songs will never make it alone so we are Calling you... calling you

This album is just as soft as any AVANTASIA album, and I really don't know what to make of it... Eduy=Andrew Loyd Webber?

I don't mean to say that the album is poor... But it is almost poor...