01. Before the Damned
02. Two Weeks
03. Undone
04. Forever In Your Hands
05. Chiron
06. Days Without
07. A Song For The Hopeless
08. Do Not Obey
09. Relinquish
10. Overcome
11. Believe In Nothing

Verdict: 7

It's quite amusing to listen to this album. Swedish metal seem to influence some bands to the extent that it's hard to separate the copy form the original.

ALL THAT REMAINS is a carbon copy of what was the trademarks for bands like In flames and Soilwork and Scar Symmetry.

I really never believed that we ever would see managements staging metal productions the same way that POP acts are.

- Hmm let's see...
- What's the flavor of the day?
-Our market strategists say that the kids like metal music!
- I know, let's mass produce death metal! The kids will just love that!

But, what the hell,Overcome is a good solid album that has some real highs and "Days without" is as good as any of the best out there today!

So if you are into Melodic death, pick it up...

Or maybe even better, just get an album by Scar Symmetry instead.