01. Birds Of Prey
02. Beyond Tomorrow
03. Magic Flame
04. All I Am
05. You'll Understand
06. Invisible Cage
07. Fragile Equality
08. Torn

Verdict: 9

I haven't heard ALMAH previous to this album and my thoughts immediately goes to KAMLEOT and EDGUY when they are as best.

The Brazilian group ALMAH a side project for the ANGRA members Edu and Felip, but this second album Fragile equality, really is so good that they should fold anything else and go ALMAH full time.

Fragile equality really takes it's turns with the listener, from soft power ballads to power metal at it's best.

Pompous and bombastic drama like any great opera you can imagine.

Just give the first track a try and If you like it just buy it!

You will listen to it many many times.