1. Dying Sun
2. Exile
3. Silence
4. Dead Reflection
5. Hide Me
6. Fabrication
7. Savior
8. Monsters
9. Cold
10. Last Song

Verdict: 7

This angry Finnish trio has been belting out strange noises since 1999 and Tuomas Saukkonen the musical motor of the band say that he like to work all by himself creating.

They sound like a young angry Paradise Lost taking influences from Katatonia and Sisters of Mercy.

They really have and original sound to their music and the song structures are mighty complex at times.

This is what BEFORE THE DAWN say about recording the album:

"Determined to keep the fast release schedule, the band entered the studio in the beginning of 2008 to record a follow-up for the epochal and critically acclaimed 'Deadlight' album.

Coping with another change in the line-up, the ultimate core crew of Before The Dawn (Tuomas, Lars, Juho) raised the bar to highest level, and the only goal was to outdo all previous albums in songwriting and production. The goal was achieved and the band took some time off from studio, playing summer festivals like Tuska Open Air, and they made their debut at the mighty Wacken Open Air.

The 5th BTD album 'SOUNDSCAPE OF SILENCE' will underline the words: commitment, dedication, talent and hard work. 2008-2009 will show a hungry and motivated live band with a session drummer to complete the line-up on stage."