01. Something in your mouth
02. Burn it to the ground
03. Gotta be somebody
04. I'd come for you
05. Next go round
06. Just to get high
07. Never gonna be alone
08. Shakin' hands
09. S.E.X.
10. If today was your last day
11. This afternoon

Verdict: 7

NICKELBACK leave absolutely nothing to chance, this album is solid as a rock. The people at the label must be really happy with this album, cause it really satisfies, regardless if you're into soft radio rock or screaming guitars.

the record starts out quite rough with a tune that really could be ZZ-Top on acid, but still all the typical elements from Nickelback is in there. And Nickelback really have their biggest asset in the vocal cords of the singer Chad Kruger. Chad has a fantastic distortion pedal built into his throat that could make any rock singer blue of envy.

"Burn it to the ground", "Shakin' hands" and "SEX" are the album highs together with that last song...

Kid Rock will kiss Chads ass just to be able to write a song like "This afternoon". I really believe that we have the soundtrack to next summer in that darn song. It just sticks like crazy glue to your brain....

The album definitely draws to the softer side, but hell you need something to play when you get undressed with Cinderella and that's really when this album stands out.

I think that the ladies will go crazy over "dark horse".