01. L.o.v.e.
02. Flush
03. Loyalty
04. Re-bel
05. Home
06. Save Me From Myself
07. Die Religion Die
08. Adonai
09. Money
10. Shake
11. Washed By Blood

Verdict: 9

We all know the story. Head left KORN and quickly announced that he turned religious. He was also a struggling addict. Jonathan and KORN laundered a lot of their emotions in public and it all caused quite a stir.

Now HEAD  has made a solo album.

And to be honest I didn't expect much of this album at all.

When I first started to listen to it I thought it was fragmented and strange so I put it aside for a while and since then I've given it a few more tries.

And this album surely has started to grow on me.

The material on this album resembles the riff work you find on Queen of the damned. Despite that each song is radically different each other they are all good. I suspect that HEAD actually is more of a musical motor in KORN than the rest of the band want to admit, addict or not the guy surely can write a good song.

This album actually tells a story that is intimate and sensitive for the author himself and it surely shines through in the lyrics that revolve around addictions and fatherhood. Mad or not, misled or not if this album is the beginning of the HEAD story I'm on the train. Hell I buy the next album instead of the next KORN album!

Someone really should edit out all the screaming and puking and make this album perfect.

Go and get it and don't stop listening to it until you love it, you won't regret it!