01. One step closer
02. From the inside
03. No more sorrow
04. Given up
05. Lying from you
06. Hands held high
07. Leave out all the rest
08. Numb
09. The little things give you away
10. Breaking the habit
11. Shadow of the day
12. Crawling
13. In the end
14. Pushing me away
15. What I've done
16. Numb/Encore
17. Jigga what/Faint
18. Bleed it out

Verdict: 6

Linkin Park have made an amazing career. They were the first cross over band that combined Boy band with Metal with Rap all contained in the same band. All off it, sugar coated with catchy tunes that stuck to your mind. One thing is really amazing, they have only released three albums with original studio material! The rest is just different takes of old material.

According to IFPI statistics for 2007 Linkin Park is the best selling rock band with over 6 million albums sold globally ...

Another one of the Linkin Park trade marks is to shift musical direction for each album. Minutes to midnight has placed Linkin Park closer to bands like U2, COLDPLAY and REM.

This is not something I fancy in any way....

Live however,Linkin Park has a raw egde to their music that really bites. Chester Bennington is one of the best rock singers today and his stage presence is inevitable. So if they can transfer this onto record it will be an amazing album, no doubt about it.

A few songs into the album it strikes me that this sound more like a studio album with overdubs of audience than a real live album. Maybe it has been to tempting to add the backtracks used during the live performances a little to loud. The result however is that it sounds restrained and lame. During Hands held high something happens, it feels like it's for real, and it's so good! This is actually one of the strongest lyrics ever produced by Linkin Park but this really is a rare highlight. The little things you give away is a really lame track to waste 7 minutes on and I really don't get why... The ending is amazingly weak with the Jay-Z tunes and Bleed it out that is a really lousy track and was that a drum solo I heard??!!...

The average Linkin Park track is a hit and the entire Meteora album is nothing short of magnificent.

I suggest that you skip this and buy another copy of Meteora... you can always use it in the car.