01. Battalions of steel
02. Live to rock
03. Demon Sweeney Todd
04. The letter
05. Valley of the kings
06. Slow lane blues
07. Crime of passion
08. Premonition in D minor
09. Voice
10. Protect yourselves
11. Hellcat
12. Come rock of ages (The circle is complete)
13. Coming home (Bottleneck version)


What could possible be said about SAXON that isn't already known? Back in the eighties there were not that many bands around. IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT and SAXON were the largest bands around filling stadiums wherever they decided to go. They surely are one of those legendary bands up there together with IRON MAIDEN.

They have been around for ages and have fairly consistently produced high quality Heavy Metal but they have fallen from grace despite that they have aged well.

A few years ago Lionheart appeared and spring was in the air over England's fields once more. SAXON was a vital beast hungry once again. The Inner Sanctum brought an edge to the sound that didn't like too much so what could you expect of Into the Labyrinth?

It's a really good album and the group seem to have decided to go down the line (re)started on the Lionheart album. Bombastic songs with incredibly strong choruses. Actually groups like ACCEPT, NIGHTWISH, SABATON and KAMELOT comes to my mind, the resemblance lies within the arrangements. Hell, SAXON just can't copy anyone they practically invented the style and have been copied by thousands of groups...

But most of all this is a good follow up to SAXONs own album Crusader. You know Run for your Lives and Sailing to America style! Give The valley of kings a try, you will immediately know if this is something for you. You will have to suffer though a few biker songs with poor lyrics but I forgive them that any day!