END OF YOU Mimesis

1. Better God
2. You Deserve More
3. Memoir
4. Goldeneye
5. Over And Out
6. Paper Trails
7. Blind Rhythm
8. Number 8
9. Driving Down The Void
10. In Elegance

Verdict: 8

This album has a few months on its neck but what the hell it's well worth to mention anyway...

END OF YOU started out 2004 in Helsinki, Soumi Finland where they quickly built a reputation of being something out of the ordinary. When your fellow competition on the local stages consist of groups like Nightwish, HIM and The 69 Eyes you better come up with something that's good or your out in a nick.

They describe themselves as:

"Driven by striking songs, colossal live shows and the undeniable chemistry of the group, they have already established a status that can't be taken away."

Upon the release of their debut album, Unreal, in the beginning of 2006, the music community began to buzz and took immediate notice of songs and the band itself. The debut album gathered lots of killer reviews and much anticipated -Tour De Silencio¬Ě was roaming around the Finland throughout the 2006 keeping the rock clubs and dance floors busy! MIMESIS is their second album but it really sounds like they have been around for ages. It's easy to spot influences from HIM as well as from POETS OF THE FALL but END OF YOU has an edge to their music that HIM lacks these days.

The album has really good songs straight through and the album as a whole really add to the songs in singulars. The guitars rest on a bed of ambient synthesized sounds that create a dreamy backdrop for the aggressive melodies.

The album has been produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa who also works with groups like HIM, The 69 Eyes, Apocalyptica...

If you like Paradise Lost, HIM and Poets of the fall then Mimesis by END OF YOU is a must!