01. Dusk Till Dawn
02. Darkside
03. Your Saviour
04. Freak
05. Sideshow
06. The Allmighty
07. Beauty After Midnight
08. Emperor
09. Mammoth
10. Thriller

Verdict: 6

This album is the third album by this Norwegian Goth ensemble. Critics claim that they resemble groups like RAMMSTEIN and DEATHSTARS so they must have something going on. Or they might just be surrounded by clever marketing people...

GOTHMINISTER have been around since 1999 but I haven't heard anything by this band before this album so this really is virgin territory.

Happiness In Darkness is not at all what I expected. This is classical orchestral and dance music concealed in a Metal costume. It sounds a little like BIRTHDAY MASSACRE or NIN , the music relies so heavily on the artificial backgrounds that it looses it's edge.

The song performance resembles the oe of Mr Bernadotte on a bad day and there are a lot of guitar riffing that resembles RAMMSTEIN on here.

I guess that this group could grow into something that we should count because the songs are catchy and the arrangements are really brilliant in some parts. But they have to get rid of those Scooter synthesizers... At once!

But for now, all this little chicken only belts out a tiny beeep!